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Coaching and Mentoring Via App

This app is a game changer!!!! Sevwins Means -7 wins in 7 days


I provide coaching and mentoring services through this app. Many people prefer being coached and mentored through an app rather than virtually or over the phone.


Within my services you will receive daily advice, encouragement and positive feedback to achieve seven wins in seven days. My clients go from a functional level to an optimal level.


Our mission through the app is to empower 1 million youth and adults to achieve peak performance fueled by intentional life habits and mentorship.


The app helps you:


Prepare your mind for life

Ignite daily growth

Build intentional habits

Set weekly goals

Create a healthy mind

Sharpen mental skills

Get inspired

Reflect on experiences

Earn certifications


You will set goals on Mondays, assess mental skills daily and reflect and plan on Sundays.


The app has 4 growth phases as well as weekly themes: The growth phases are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each phase of your Sevwins adventure lays the foundation for the next. You will have a differently weekly theme for every week of the entire year.

Click here for more information regarding the benefits of being coached and mentored through this app.


We prepare youth and adults to succeed at their next levels of life. While our roots are in sports, Sevwins platform offers a universal success framework that can help anyone boost self-control, awareness and mental growth.


As Sevwins Strategic Advisor i provide professional advice on the best use for the app to help youth, athletes and adults develop a growth mindset.


If you are looking for daily support to grow and accomplish your goals, gain positive encouragement and feedback, as well as a coach and mentor to push you and hold you accountable, this app is for you.


I would love to be your coach and mentor!   Get started today on your path to a life of fulfillment and achievement.


Choose a coaching and mentoring plan below that suits your needs and i will send you a code to download the app for free.

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Choose your Coaching plan

  • Silver Coaching Plan

    Every month
    Discover The True Vision For Your Life
    • Daily coaching, mentoring, and personal feedback.
    • Via text messaging Monday - Friday
  • Best Value

    Gold Coaching Plan

    Every month
    Take Control of your Inner Coach
    • Daily coaching, mentoring, and personal feedback.
    • Via text messaging Monday - Friday
    • Email coaching 2 times per week