Mental Health Awareness Workshop

“Mental Health Awareness means that we’re not only acknowledging that MENTAL HEALTH exist and is important, but we are talking about it, educating people on how to prevent it, manage it and remove the stigma.  Recognizing that it doesn’t only affect individuals, but entire communities, ethnicities and cultures. We are putting it out there so that people who are feeling the affects can be encouraged to get the help they need too.”

This interactive workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence to feel free to release the fear and address your mental health challenges.

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Career Development Workshop

So many of you in the world have great potential and talent and know you have great potential and talent but are disappointed because you are not putting it to use.

The reason you are not putting your talent to use is because of the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown or just don't know where and how to start . 


This thought provoking interactive workshop will take you on a step by step process and guide you on the path to creating and finding your career and life purpose.  

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Life Transitions Workshop

Life transition are a personal pandemic .  Which is a forceful burst of change in your life that leads to a period of upheaval, transition, and renewal.   There are two parts during a period of transitioning. The transition and the change.

The actual transition itself is internal, the mental.  It is what happens in your mind as you go through that experience.  Fully processing is very difficult and creates anxiety.  The change is the physical or mechanical, it's what happens too you. Here today, living somewhere else tomorrow.

Change can happen very quickly, while transition usually occurs more slowly.


Life transitions occurs during a career change, lose of a love one, divorce, job lose, getting married, becoming ill or retiring. 

This interactive workshop guides you through the different phases of a transition and motivates you to accept the past while moving to your new future.

This workshop is about saving lives and restoring structure.    Click below to schedule a single or group workshop.

Leadership Worshop

Leadership is about coaching people to believe in themselves while helping them accentuate their talents. 


This workshop teaches you how to relate, bring out the best, motivate, build trust, understand, lead many different personalities and get them to work together as a team.

You must raise their vision to higher sights and their performance to a higher standard.  You also must lead, coach, and mentor people while managing situations.

You must thrive as a leader and add value to every person you touch.

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