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Your Path to Success is Just One Click Away

Are you struggling to achieve success, accomplish your goals, and hold yourself accountable?  It's probably because you lack the leadership skills, not working in the career that you desire and envisioned for yourself, and don't have the knowledge, discipline or self-accountability needed to move forward.


I help you become a better leader in your personal life and professional career as well as help you discover the type of career that will fulfill your dreams and goals. 


As your Certified Professional Coach, I will help you assess your current situation and proactively identify opportunities for improvement, set goals and stay accountable to those goals enabling you to effectively and strategically manage your performance and professional growth.  You will connect with your inner coach so you can take the wheel and control the direction of your future. 


At Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC we will work together as a collaborative team to help you achieve your desired outcome.   You will be empowered to overcome your mental challenges and obstacles. 

Motivation, commitment and action are keys to your success.


You will acquire the accountability, self-confidence and self-discipline necessary to go from a functional level to an optimal level by maximizing your inner strengths.

Coaching sessions are provided in person, virtually via zoom, telephone, email and text. 

Click below to get started on becoming the leader that your life and career needs you to be.  

As your Certified Professional Coach, I will develop a customized program that fits your goals.

You will:


  • Develop leadership skills that will propel you to that next level of your career.

  • Determine and develop your level of Emotional Intelligence through my Emotional Intelligence Assessments & workshop personalized for your specific situation.  Click here to learn more about emotional intelligence.

  • Determine your current life situation with my Optimum Life Assessment.

  • Discover the career and lifestyle that you envisioned through my "Design Your Life Purpose" career workshop and surveys that help you fulfill your career and life dreams and goals.

  • Develop goal setting skills with my 8-Step Goal Setting Plan.

  • Establishing your core beliefs.

  • Overcome mental challenges and obstacles.

  • Develop boundaries to keep you focused on your goals.

  • Be accountable to yourself to achieve all of your personal and professional goals.  

 -Remember you control the pen to your life story.       


  Click below to get started on becoming the leader that your life and career needs you to be. 

Do you want to?

Develop the structure you need to become the leader that you were meant to be. 

Discover the career that will fulfill your dreams and accomplish your professional goals. 

Acquire the accountability that will take you to that next level of your life!


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Me for more info

Fall Foliage

G. Holmes

Reggie, or should I say Coach, was great for me as my accountability coach.  His program is a no-nonsense approach that won't allow you to let yourself down.  He constantly reminded me that I'm doing this for me, not him or no one else and this is how I was able to overcome my obstacles.


H. Conaster

I became a better leader going through Reggie's leadership training program.  I did not realize how things I said or did affect the people I work with.   After learning about my emotional intelligence, I was able to build better work relationships.  This put me in position to move up at my job.

L.  Radford

I stayed in a job I was miserable at for 7 years.  I finally got the courage to seek help to find my real passion.  Reggie helped me find out what my true skills and talents are and guided me through the process of making a career change.   Seeking help was the best decision I ever made because it saved me a lot of stress and depressed days.

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