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I help my clients solve problems in their lives that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals.   


As your Certified Professional Coach I will take you on a step by step process customized to fit your needs that will help you connect with your inner coach so you can take the wheel to your life and control the direction of your future. 


Within my program of personal and career development i will use 1:1 coaching, assessments, action activities, plans and strategies to develop the structure you need to get you to that next level.


At Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC we will work together as a collaborative team to help you achieve your desired outcome.   You will be empowered to overcome your mental challenges and obstacles,  

Motivation, commitment and action are keys to your success.


I have personally dealt with all the above situations at one point of my life and needed help to put me on the path to personal and career success.  


You will acquire the accountability, self-confidence and self-discipline necessary to go from a functional level to an optimal level by maximizing your inner strengths.

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Think outside of the box!


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E. Steinback 

Very positive and powerful sessions that i was able to apply to all of my life experiences.  I was able to peel back layers and layers of my inner myself to discovery where i needed to start in order to build the life that was meant for me.  


S. Matherly

I highly recommend Reggie.   They way he coached me created waves of energy and excitement to pursue all of the goals i am passionate about.  I felt very comfortable starting with the free success session.  I especially love the home work he gave and the resources he uses to bring out the best in me.

G.  Peck

Working with Reggie allowed me to see the unlimited potential that i have.  The powerful questions he asked really forced me to think deeper to unleash what i really wanted out of life as well as the next steps to go about getting it.  

The actionable worksheets, assessments  and task that Reggie had me complete put me on a path to organizing my life and finding the necessary discipline to become successful.