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What is Emotional Intelligence?  (One of the top 5 soft skills employers are looking for and successful entrepreneurs have) 

-- It is the ability to manage your own emotions and the emotions of others at home, school and work.  (EI) will allow for increased maturity, understanding, awareness, and enhanced reasoning capabilities to think before making informed decisions. 


Developing a high level of (EI) will help solve problems before a person knows they exist.

If you are an individual seeking to develop better personal relationships, an individual seeking a career transition, a member of a team seeking better relationships with other team members, or in a leadership position, it is imperative to develop your emotional intelligence.  People with high (EI) are more likely to get hired, promoted, earn better salaries and achieve more long-term success. 

There are 5 main components of emotional intelligence.  Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.  Each component has it's on deep level of development and you can't just develop one component.   You must develop in each component in order to reach a high level of effective communication to build healthy, productive relationships with others.

My emotional intelligence assessment measures how you manage your own emotions and thought process as well as how you manage the emotions and thought process of others in 29 different categories of the 59-page assessment.   You will learn where you are now and discover your (AOI), areas of improvement.


My assessment is not computer generated and does not ask you questions and then give you multiple choice answers to guide your thought process like other assessments do.  You will be able to write your answers out in detail after each question.  This allows you to express your true thoughts and feelings and me to analyze your true thoughts and feelings to get a more accurate gauge of where you currently are as it relates to your emotional intelligence level.  You will learn how to master your emotions.


The detailed comprehensive debrief report you receive and the 1:1 60 minute debrief session after the assessment will exhibit where you can grow and develop as a person and/or leader.  It's for anyone who wants to get career ready and stay career ready in any profession and as an entrepreneur.

Emotional Intelligence helps you be calm under stress or emotional times, approachable, and empathetic.  You will learn to listen, process, and think before responding.  By taking this assessment you will develop a strong drive to improve and better yourself after getting to know what your true strengths and weaknesses are.  

You will be able to apply your new (EI) wisdom to the world around you to achieve the success you desire while accomplishing your goals.

My personalized Emotional Intelligence Assessments can be purchased on my site by clicking here or Amazon by clicking the here.


Recognize and understand your own moods and motivations and their effect on others. 


The ability to understand another person’s emotional reaction. This is only possible when one has achieved self-awareness—as one cannot understand others until they understand themselves.


Controlling your impulses—instead of being quick to react rashly, you can reign in your emotions and think before responding. You express yourself appropriately.

Emotional Intelligence



 Internal motivation is marked by an interest in learning. It is also self-improvement.

Social Skills

Identifying social cues to establish common ground, manage relationships and build networks. Emotional Maturity in this trait shows.

Become the person you were meant to be

A behavior can only be changed through repetition, exercise, guidance and support. Consequently, years of preventing ourselves from becoming successful by not facing our personal challenges cannot be changed overnight.

Once you become aware of the way your thoughts feel, you will never again feel fear about unwanted things jumping into your experiences and taking control. You will understand that nothing can jump into your experience without your invitation. 

NOW is the time to take control of your thoughts and actions in order to take control of your life.

At Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC we will work together as a collaborative team to help you achieve your desired outcome.   You will be empowered to overcome your mental challenges and obstacles. 

Motivation, commitment and action are keys to your success.


You will acquire the accountability, self-confidence and self-discipline necessary to go from a functional level to an optimal level by maximizing your inner strengths.

  • E. I. Assessment I

    Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • Assessment
    • Detailed Report After Completion
    • 60 Minute 1:1 Debrief Session to Discuss Report
  • E.I. Assessment II

    Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • Assessment
    • Detailed Report After Completion
    • No 60 Minute 1:1 Debrief Session to Discuss Report
  • E.I Assessment III

    Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • Assessment Only
    • No Detailed Report After Completion
    • No 60 Minute 1:1 Debrief Session to Discuss Report
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