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Sgt Donald Hanson

Thank you for your 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force.

Military Transition Program

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The MTP is a personal and professional development program dedicated to helping our veterans adjust and get acclimated back into civilian life.   They face many obstacles and barriers upon their transition. Our goal is to help our veterans and their families achieve a renewed, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle that they deserve. 

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs officials, the suicide rate for our Veterans are at an all time high of "22 per day".  This does not include the figures from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which mental health experts have warned may be causing even larger increases in the rates of mental distress and self harm among Veterans. 

Every year approximately 200,000 men and women leave U.S. military service and return to life as civilians, a process known as the military to civilian transition.  

Defining Transition

Transition is a period of adjustment, which includes a personal life pandemic.  This is a forceful burst of change in one’s life that leads to a period of upheaval, transition, and renewal.  It's a mental and physical process that can take years to conclude if the proper help is not administered.   


Transition from military service to civilian life requires many adjustments, such as new careers, new roles, social groups, new skills, friendships, networks, find new ways to communicate, new ways to think and a new identity.

They seek a Meaningful and Purposeful life again.  Transition is a vital period of adjustment, creativity, and rebirth that helps one find meaning after a major life disruption.  It’s not simple or smooth, nor straight forward or straight ahead and definitely not predictable.  They are thrust into a situation they fear they are not ready for.  A newly found form of independence.  Also, no two transitions are the same.

I want to thank my brothers Rodell and Donald as well as all veterans for their service to our country.


Staff Sgt Rodell Calloway

Thank you for your 12 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corp.

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Staywhole Foundation Inc.

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