Team Schedule Cards

Awards Received as a Student Athlete at the University of Kentucky

  • Male Athlete of the Year 1991

  • Outstanding Senior Award 1991

  • Coaches ALL-SEC Team 1991

  • AP-UPI Second Team ALL-SEC 1990, 1991

  • Team Leadership Award 1990, 1991

  • Team MVP 1990, 1991

  • Team Captain 1990, 1991

  • Dick Vitale Top 5 Defensive Players in the Country 1991

  • 1000 Point Club

  • Award named in my honor called the "Reggie Hanson Sacrifice Award"

Professional Awards Recieved

  • 7 Year Professional Basketball Player in Japan

  • Boston Celtics  

10 Life Lessons: Learned as a

           Student Athlete

I was inspired to write this book because people struggle with Life Lessons and sports is the biggest metaphor to teaching Life Lessons. I was fortunate to play college basketball at the University of Kentucky and had so many great and not so great experiences that helped shape the rest of my life.

I take all of my experiences as a student-athlete and show how they convert to transferable life skills. I teach how to recognize these skills in real time, how to attack them, overcome and be successful with those skills. 


Majority of athletes feel they don't have transferable life skills.  This book shows them they do.  They must learn to recognize them in real time.  

My book is for anyone regardless of your position or status in life. This is a great book for personal growth or team development.  If you want to learn about: 


  • Perseverance 

  • Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Goals Through Teamwork 

  • Mental Toughness 

  • Leadership 

  • Organization and Time Management 

  • Trusting the Process (Understanding the Big Picture)

  • Preparation 

  • Communication

  • Sacrifice 

  • Emotional Intelligence


This book is for you.  


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