Never stop learning.

10 Life Lessons: Learned as a

           Student Athlete

I was inspired to write this book because people struggle with Life Lessons and sports is the biggest metaphor to teaching Life Lessons. I was fortunate to play college basketball at the University of Kentucky and had so many great and not so great experiences that helped shape the rest of my life.

I take all of my experiences as a student-athlete and show how they translate to real Life Lessons. I teach you how to attack, overcome and be successful with Life Lessons.

My book is for anyone regardless of your position or status in life. This is a great book for personal growth or team development.  If you want to learn about: 


  • Perseverance 

  • Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Goals Through Teamwork 

  • Mental Toughness 

  • Leadership 

  • Organization and Time Management 

  • Trusting the Process (Understanding the Big Picture)

  • Preparation 

  • Communication

  • Sacrifice 

  • Emotional Intelligence


This book is for you.  


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