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NCAA College Basketball Coaches Recruiting Process Workshop

This "on demand" workshop was specifically designed to guide and educate high school parents, coaches and student athletes on how to navigate the college basketball recruiting process.  It will also debunk the myths about the recruiting process.

The landscape of college athletics continues to change.  So each opportunity to be evaluated on the court, in the classroom and as a person is more profound now than ever before.


You will be empowered while gaining the necessary knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate your student-athletes recruiting process.  

The student-athlete must be dedicated and focused to do the work in the classroom and on the court to be able to create multiple opportunities and choices. 

You will be better equipped to make a more informed college decision with your student-athlete as you will gain competence in the following areas.  


  • The NCAA academic process and guidelines.   Click here to download a free PDF of the Eligibility and Recruiting Guidelines for the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

  • Ways to keep up with the ever changing NCAA rules.

  • How to contact all levels of college sports governing bodies. NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA.

  • Specifically designed questions to ask college coaches to gage their interest and commitment to you as a prospective student-athlete.

  • The recruiting philosophy of great college recruiters.  How they identify, recruit and finally offer a prospective student-athlete.

  • Questions college recruiters ask themselves on prospective student-athletes before offering a scholarship.

  • Personal characteristics they look for in each prospective student-athlete and their parents.  How parents behavior affects their child's scholarship opportunities.

  • How they build strategic relationships to gather needed information on prospective student-athletes.

  • How to tell if a recruiter has a true belief in you as a prospect.

  • What recruiters specifically look for in each position.

  • Impact of the Transfer Portal.

  • How the value of Lower DI, DII, NAIA and Juco scholarships offers has risen 10-fold.

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Personal Development


As a former college and professional athlete and coach with vast experience nationally and internationally, I offer professional coaching services for college athletes  as well as current and retired professional athletes.  

  • University of Kentucky basketball player 1986-1991

  • Team MVP 1990, 1991

  • ALL- SEC 1990, 1991

  • UK Male Athlete of the Year 1991

  • Played professionally in Japan 1992-2000

  • Played with the Boston Celtics 1998

  • Coached at the University of Kentucky 2000-2007

  • Coached at the University of South Florida 2007-2013

  • Coached professionally in Japan 2014

  • Elected as one of the Top 25 Recruiters in the country 2004 & 2006 by

  • Arthur of "10 Life Lessons: Learned as a Student-Athlete

The University of Kentucky is a high-pressurized university when it comes to athletics, so I get it when athletes feel the pressure to live up to high expectations they put on themselves and the high expectations bestowed upon them from other sources that are out of their control. The social media effect is where they can lose themselves.

Communicating, connecting with and motivating today's’ athletes can be challenging.  My experience as a player and coach in a high-pressure environment gives me a great understanding of what athletes go through and how they think and feel as I have been on both sides of the game.

I know the daily grind and needs of someone who dedicates there life to sports. I will also help them stay connected to the person on the inside while managing that person on the outside.  The "Public Eye Person"   

Just as they need to work on their physical skills, they also need to work on life skills.​


I help them think beyond their workout, practice and games to better focus on their life outside of their sport.  I help them development in each specific area that they are struggling in.

  • Manage the effects of COVID 19

  • Discover their next career path after sports

  • Develop workplace etiquette skills

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Develop time management and organization skills

  • Develop goal setting plans 

  • Develop personal accountability skills

  • Understand financial accountability

  • Develop decision making and problem solving skills 

  • Develop new coping skills

  • Manage mental, social and peer stress

Athletes have the need to always be challenged.  I will challenge them every step of the way to give them that winning edge for life.

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J. Wright

"You did a great job and that’s why she is a stronger person. For example. She would have never asked for a meeting with her coach.
Furthermore ; she would have never stood up for herself in that meeting. She’s done it twice now.  She feels like she has control over her feelings and can express more. That’s all i wanted.


She hasn’t made that kinda progress in the last 6 years. As a dad. It actually brings tears to my eyes that she is getting it.

I can’t thank you enough Reggie. You have no idea what this means for her."

B. Humphries

"Coach you were a true blessing.  I am so glad i was referred to you to help DeShaun.   

He made great strides this year as a person and this helped him make great strides as a player.

Thank you so much!"

B. Anderson

"Wow is all i can say Coach.  I am ashamed to say as a parent, but i didn't feel Jason's time management and organization skills could change.  

His entire thought process and outlook on life and his future has changed.   

He believes he can achieve things now and understands it takes work.  

Thank you, thank you thank you."