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Here is the solution to fix the problem with wanting to quit your job each day.

It has become normalized for people to want to quit their jobs each day.

The mistake they make is quitting before getting the help they need to find that next fulfilling job or career. This creates mental wellness challenges.

One of the main reasons people quit is burnout and there are many different forms of burnout.

The key is identifying the correct form of burnout you struggle with and getting a coach to help you through it.

💡Reasons people want to quit their job;

Feeling stuck and not empowered.

Being overworked and not having the skills to set boundaries.

Mental wellness challenges because of gaps in skills.

Never being acknowledged for going the extra mile and doing great work.

Bored and unexcited with the job. No more interest in that type of work.

Your skill level is too high for the job or too low. No alignment!

Frustrated with leadership. 75% quit for this reason.

Frustrated with coworkers and toxic work environment.

Values don’t align with the company’s mission.

Low compensation.

No skill development or coaching opportunities to enable chances at promotions.

The first thing you need to do is hire a coach to help you figure out why you are not happy with your current job and determine what type of job or career you will be happy with and passionate about. A coach will also help you upgrade your skill level to prepare your for that new job or career. You must do this BEFORE quitting your current job!

I am here to help prepare you for the next stage of your career. Click this link and book a call with me so we can get started today. Each day you wait to get help makes it more difficult to leave your current job and prolongs you state of unhappiness.


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