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A behavior can only be changed through repetition, exercise, guidance and support. Consequently, years of preventing ourselves from becoming successful by not facing our personal issues cannot be changed in just a few sessions.

Once you become aware of the way your thoughts feel, you will never again feel fear about unwanted things jumping into your experiences and taking control. You will understand that nothing can jump into your experience without your invitation. 

NOW is the time to take control of your thoughts in order to take control of your life.

My program is personalized and customized to you individually to help you break through your barriers, replace your bad habits and overcome challenges for you to reach your goals.

As your Certified Professional Coach I will help you: 


  • Manage the effects of COVID 19

  • Overcome mental challenges

  • Find your passion

  • Bounce back from a set back

  • Become more organized

  • Solve your problems 

  • Overcome obstacles and challenges

  • Learn to compete with yourself

  • Create that transformation you desire 

  • Become a great leader 

  • Learn to handle stress and anxiety 

  • Learn what to do when you are feeling down

  • Change your career

  • Communicate better 

  • Create self-accountability 

  • Create better time management skills

  • Discover your emotional intelligence   

  • Create better work/life balance


The list doesn’t stop here.    

I will help you set and accomplish goals; solve problems and get to the specific outcome that you desire as I guide, assist, and inspire you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 



 -Remember you control the pen to your life story.       


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Life coaching high school students


Parents your teenager’s potential is unlimited, and they need direction to uncover that potential.  As their Certified Professional Coach and Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider, I will help them find that direction to unleash their potential by connecting deeply with them and partnering with them to develop a plan and put it into action. Your child may be slightly struggling, fiercely struggling or might just need some support during a transition or challenge.  Below are 8 reasons your child needs a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider.


  • The COVID 19 Effect

  • The Social Media Disconnect Effect  Click here to download your PDF copy of 10 Ways to Help Teens Manage Their Social Media Footprint 

  • The Online/Offline Bullying Effect

  • The Peer Pressure Effect

  • The Parents Just Don't Understand Effect

  • The Difficult Home Environment Effect

  • The No Role Model Effect

  • The Academic Effect

  • The Life Purpose Effect

The one that is quickly on the rise is the Life Purpose Effect!  A lot of teens wonder what their purpose in life is and how they should live their lives. This is not meant to be known as a teenager. This produces anxiety, depression and loneliness.  Their life purpose is meant to evolve over time through various life and learning experiences. It will change a few times before they discover what it truly is. 

The main concern with young people is they want to feel a genuine connection to something or someone.  They also want what they want now and if that doesn’t happen, they feel it may never happen. This also produces the onslaught of anxiety, depression and loneliness. They must be coached to understand life is a marathon and not a sprint. They also cannot be what they cannot see. They must first see their vision, and then the steps to that vision.

This is where I come in. Coaching creates a safe space to help teens figure things out. Young people don’t want to go through BS or jump through hoops. They are always wondering what is it that they want, and coaching can provide them with a different perspective to consider. Connecting with someone who understands the head space they are in and will listen without judgement brings them more value and clarity.  Coaching will help them stay in the moment and figure things out there first while also helping them plan for the future.  

I will help them set and accomplish goals, solve their problems and get to the specific outcome that they desire.

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Life coaching high school students
Life coaching college students

College Students

Are you looking for a Certified Professional that understands you?  Below are a list of reasons you need one:

  • The COVID 19 Effect

  • Mental challenges 

  • You are tired of evaluating your self-value by your GPA or life history? 

  • You feel you are not accomplished enough

  • You forgo sleep and personal care to push yourself to perfection

  • You have trouble saying "no" and placing boundaries on your time because you are afraid of letting others down or missing out on an opportunity that could influence your future.

  • The Life Purpose Effect

I attended college myself and have over 20 years of experience helping college students get on the path to discovering their gift, life purpose and overcoming their challenges. The college experience will be one of the most memorable life experiences you have.  Classes, friends, activities and social life will give you unlimited opportunities to learn and grow from.  The key is how you take advantage of these newfound opportunities and freedom.

You must keep in mind that while it’s important to gain self-discovery it is equally important to understand your overall purpose. Which is to use your education to prepare for your future. 

As with any newfound freedom and opportunities it is important to get started on the right path to success. As your Certified Professional Coach, I am here to assist you every step of the way.  More specifically help you:

  • Adjust to college life 

  • Develop leadership skills 

  • Manage mental stress 

  • Manage time 

  • Form good study habits

  • Manage social surroundings 

  • Discover your emotional intelligence 

  • Make healthy and safe choices 

  • Discover your career purpose 

My focus will be all about you, the student, and helping you achieve your goals, solve your problems, overcome challenges and obstacles and help you get the specific outcome that you desire.  It will be up to you to use self-accountability and discipline to see task through completion.  

We will concentrate on helping you maintain focus on your college and career target goals. You will be able to gain clarification on your life mission, purpose and values. You will set goals and put in place action plans to accomplish those goals.

Life coaching college students

College students reported experiencing the following within the last 12 months**:


92 percent of female students and 78 percent of male students reported feeling overwhelmed by all they had to.


89 percent of female students and 76 percent of male students reported feeling exhausted (not from physical activity).


72 percent of female students and 51 percent of male students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety.


59 percent of female students and 48 percent of male students reported feeling things were hopeless.


55 percent of female students and 43 percent of male students reported that academics have been “traumatic” or “very difficult to handle”.

**American College Health Association Spring 2019 National College Health Assessment

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Life coaching athletes


As a former college and professional athlete and coach with vast experience nationally and internationally, I offer professional coaching services for high school, college, current and retired professional athletes.  

  • University of Kentucky basketball player 1986-1991

  • Team MVP 1990, 1991

  • ALL- SEC 1990, 1991

  • UK Male Athlete of the Year 1991

  • Played professionally in Japan 1992-2000

  • Played with the Boston Celtics 1998

  • Coached at the University of Kentucky 2000-2007

  • Coached at the University of South Florida 2007-2013

  • Coached professionally in Japan 2014

  • Elected as one of the Top 25 Recruiters in the country 2004, 2006

  • Arthur of "10 Life Lessons: Learned as a Student-Athlete

The University of Kentucky is a high-pressurized university when it comes to athletics, so I get it when athletes feel the pressure to live up to high expectations they put on themselves and the high expectations bestowed upon them from other sources that are out of their control. The social media effect increases this pressure tenfold as athletes’ lives are played out for the world to see.  This is where they can lose themselves.

Communicating, connecting with and motivating today's’ athletes can be challenging.  My experience as a player and coach in a high-pressure environment gives me a great understanding of what athletes go through and how they think and feel as I have been on both sides of the game. I know what they go through on a daily basis because I have traveled down that exact same road.   I understand the demanding needs of someone who dedicates or has dedicated their life to a sport.  I will be their support system along their journey of reaching their goals on and off the court.  I will also help them stay connected and true to that person on the inside while managing that person on the outside.  The "Public Eye Person"   

Athletes want people to know they are no different in real life than non-athletes.  But, most importantly they don’t want to appear weak or be judged just because of their challenges and obstacles.

Just as they need to work on their physical skills, they also need to work on:

  • life skills. 

  • Social skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Emotional Intelligence skills


I help them stay connected to themselves to think beyond their workout, practice and games to better focus on their life outside of their sport.  I help them:

  • Manage the effects of COVID 19

  • Finding that next career after sports

  • Maintain a positive mental mindset

  • Bounce back from setbacks

  • Keep optimal health

  • Build meaning relationships 

  • Build time management skills for work/life balance

  • Set meaningful realistic goals 

  • Gain self-motivation

  • Learn how to make difficult decisions 

  • Overcome fear, obstacles,  and vulnerability

  • Get through mental blocks

  • Focus on the process by staying in the moment 

  • Discover their emotional intelligence 

  • Stick to their beliefs, values and be able to speak up for themselves

  • Manage mental, social and peer stress

  • An ear to just listen without judgement 

I also know exactly how it feels to retire from the spotlight and not have that cheering section anymore. It can be a very lonely space to be in. I understand how hard it is to find a purpose after transitioning to retirement from your sport, and HOW to find it. I coach them on how to let go, shift their mindset and discover new talents, skills and challenges they never knew they had.  Athletes are accustomed to being challenged.  This will help them find their new purpose in life. 

Tennis Players Shaking Hands

J. Wright

"You did a great job and that’s why she is a stronger person. For example. She would have never asked for a meeting with her coach.
furthermore ; she would have never stood up for herself in that meeting. She’s done it twice now.  She feels like she has control over her feelings and can express more. That’s all i wanted.


She hasn’t made that kinda progress in the last 6 years. As a dad. It actually brings tears to my eyes that she is getting it.

I can’t thank you enough Reggie. You have no idea what this means for her."

I provide a safe space, structure and discipline to help them form better habits to accomplish their goals, solve problems and get the specific outcome they desire on their way to achieving their personal and professional life goals.

By addressing their personal life issues, the athlete is able to free up mind space and be present as a player and teammate. 

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