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10 ways you can move up in your current career!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Advancing in your career and finding a job is no longer a guarantee. We are in times where there is no true job security. You must take this opportunity to run your career like it's your own personal business and learn to view your career path as an opportunity to make it exactly what you want it to be.

TOP 10!

Hire a coach that can mentor you- Having a mentor that can help you navigate through the ranks in your career is an indispensable. A mentor can help you refine your career approach to take the steps needed to advance.

Get leadership training- Develop emotional intelligence because this is the key to moving up and being a successful leader.

Show initiative- Take on more responsibilities. You can't expect to land a higher position without first going above and beyond your current position. Complete your task and brainstorm what else can be done to make it better.

Make connections with people in leadership positions- Seek out high level executives in your company or industry. This can help accelerate your advancement. Offer feedback on a project you enjoyed and ask thought-provoking questions. This will make you memorable. So be pro-active in showing your interest.

Be adaptable- Accept change as a challenge to get better, improve, and prove yourself. Gain knew skills in the process.

Be a problem solver- Be a go to person when people are facing challenges. This is a huge key to advancing.

Be accountable- Step outside your comfort zone and take responsibility for any mistakes and projects that don't go according to plan. Be trustworthy and transparent.

Self-promote- Don't be afraid to offer your expertise to organize meetings, set up gatherings etc.

Be helpful- Don't always wait for someone to ask you for help. Show your dedication by offering help to others. Attend networking events and offer to mentor or coach someone in a lower position then you.

Continue to learn- In order to be prepared for that opportunity you are seeking you must learn as much as possible. Learn what others do in their jobs. Especially your leadership team. This will give you the confidence to go after that position you want.


I am here to help put you in position to advance.


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