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Do you have an exit strategy?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

If you are going through a career transition, you must have a weekly plan and a checklist in order to make a smooth transition to your next job or career.

I have listed 5 that I used to help me make a smooth career transition.

What is important for me to do this week?

What current or future career or business issues need to be planned for or acted on this week?

What can I do to increase my Values or Performance scores this week?

What family member/friend/colleague/employee shall I connect with this week?

What birthday or special occasion do I need to plan for or acknowledge this week?

If you have gone through a career transition and can add to my list, please share in the comments section.

Download the attached Exit Strategy Planning Checklist to help guide you through your transition.

Strategic Planning Checklist 2 HCC
Download PDF • 169KB


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