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Optimistic Thinking vs Pessimistic Thinking!

Which one do you have?

It will determine your success or failure!

When a lot of my clients talk about positive thinking, they say if you just think positive thoughts everything will be okay, and nothing will ever go wrong.

I tell them that's not how positive thinking works. That's "wishful" thinking, not "positive" thinking. There is a huge difference between the two.

Positive thinking leads to positive "outcomes", which is the key difference. Most people tend to think of results in the short-term and outcomes in the long-term.

Failure and negative events are part of life. I let my clients know there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from adversity. Anyone who thinks that is not living in reality. They are setting themselves up for a lifetime of disappointment.

People try to sell the false narrative that if you just think positive, nothing bad will happen. Far from the truth. You can be super positive and take a lot of strikes. Bad things happening are a part of life. Once you truly understand this in your soul, you are able to quickly flip the switch to optimism from a negative situation.

Having an optimistic mind won't prevent negative things from happening. An optimistic mind will allow you to respond to those negative things in the most serviceable way possible. A way that leads to positive outcomes. Your mindset determines how you respond to negative situations.

When something negative happens, you have 2 choices: Respond with pessimism or respond with optimism. Most people respond with pessimism and bring on more negative problems. Those that respond with optimism turn negative situations into positive outcomes.

The people that succeed don't avoid failure; they learn how to respond to it with optimism.

I am here to help!!!!!!!

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