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Steps to improve emotional intelligence in leadership!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Studies show emotional intelligence means more than cognitive ability for entrepreneurial and positional leadership success. Business owners and positional leaders who lead with self-awareness and empathy can weather economic storms, build better relationships, and stay motivated — while uplifting up their teams.

Leaders — whether you are starting your own business, leading a team, department, division, or in charge of the entire company — you need emotional intelligence. You set the temperature for the rest of the organization and emotional intelligent influences your team to act the same.

You must:

👉🏾Inspire-make them feel hopeful and compassionate about the mission by creating relevant goals.

👉🏾Influence-influencing others revolves around meaningful persuasion, not dictatorship.

👉🏾Develop-give constructive feedback right away to point out the strengths and help them develop their weaknesses. Get them coaching.

👉🏾Self-Confidence- build your own self-confidence by getting coached on your weaknesses and be ok with members of your team knowing more than you.

👉🏾Transparency-always be clear about any issues, goals, the process, and progress.

👉🏾Optimism-start each day with something positive to say to your team and yourself. Even when times are tough.

Steps to improve emotional intelligence among your teams

Influencing team members to foster emotional intelligence will improve their performance and coordination. “Once you have self-awareness, you can start to observe emotional intelligence in others.”

👉🏾Conflict Management-recognize issues right away and have an open line of communication to solve with your team.

👉🏾Collaboration-get to know your team and each members strengths. Give them tasks accordingly to develop a culture of inclusion.

👉🏾Self-Assessment-assess and evaluate your abilities and what you need to improve on.

👉🏾Team Assessment -assess and evaluate your team members abilities to see what they need to improve on.

👉🏾Initiative-be willing to always help your team. Don’t always wait until they come to you. Go to them and ask what can you help them get better at or complete.

I am here to help you and your team develop the Emotional Intelligence needed for your company’s success.

Developing EI will help prevent problems and issues before you or your team know the exist.

Click here to book a call so we can work together to establish a culture of awareness for you and your team.


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