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Leaders, why are you not delegating?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Do you know why delegating is the key to your growth, your team's growth, and the organization's success? "I DO"!

Why do so many of you fail to delegate? Come on now, this needs to stop.

You hold onto work you shouldn’t be doing out of fear that you will become irrelevant, lose power and positioning, or hold on to it from a feeling of guilt for passing your work onto others. Either way it's a form of insecurity that you need to rid your mind from.

Delegation is about giving authority and responsibility to your team while remaining accountable for the outcome and success of the project. See, you are still in control because you must approve the work you gave your team after completion. So, relax ok!

Here are 6 reasons why delegation is important to YOU, YOUR TEAM, and YOUR Organization.

👉🏾It Gives You Time and Energy to Do More Important Tasks: When you delegate things that you don’t need to do personally, you free up time that is more valuable, and requires your expertise and energy. You must keep enough headspace to be able to perform well in all areas of your job.

👉🏾It Empowers Your Team: Each member of your team has their own unique set of skills and expertise and finding the right member(s) to do the job better than you makes for a winning situation and combination. You get the job done correctly, and your team member(s) get to grow in their abilities and responsibilities. They also have the feeling that they have some control over the outcome and success of the project. This lets them know you have confidence in them and will help build loyalty.

Delegation of authority helps develop the capacity of your team and makes them feel valuable to you and the organization. It also encourages job satisfaction through a sense of shared responsibility.

-Effective delegation also gives them the chance to excel in a task and gives you the pleasure of seeing your team grow and succeed. You also have the opportunity to congratulate them for a job well done. Your team needs a pat on the back from you from time to time.

👉🏾It Encourages Creativity and Innovation: Delegating promotes an “inclusive” culture where more team members can think about different ways to solve a problem or issue.

A team, and not just one person working on a task, provides different points of view. This allows people to more easily come up with more creative or unique ways to address the project. New methods of doing a task or activity may also be discovered, leading to increased efficiency and productivity of your team.

👉🏾It Is Crucial for Your Own Improvement: As a leader your team is observing how you get things done. Your ability to work strategically and dedicate time to planning and improving organizational systems are reflected by your ability to lead and delegate to your team. With enough time and energy on your hands, you can spend more time developing your leadership skills. You must constantly improve your skills as a leader.

👉🏾It Is Important for Leadership Succession: When you delegate, you allow your team to step in and acquire other skills that are valuable to you and the organization. Delegating may be a way of training someone else in your company to perform jobs even your job. Team members want to move up in the company and it's your job to put them in position to. When you are promoted or leave the company, your team is prepared for continuation. Like that old saying goes, leave a place better than you found it. You will be appreciated even more.

👉🏾It Strengthens the Organization: Employees who accept authority and accountability during delegation have a better sense of shared responsibility and a stronger commitment to the organization’s success. They need to know it's their organization too, not just an employee of the organization.

Leaders you don't have to carry all of the weight.

Below is a picture I drew during my free time 30 years ago when I was playing professional basketball in Japan.


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