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Who is taking care of you?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Are you doing what it takes to make sure you are ok each day?

You know yourself best.

Where do you sabotage yourself regularly?

What ideas do you already have?

What ideas have you had but are pretending not to know?

We tend to overlook the importance of simple daily habits in managing ourselves and our lives.

But it’s often the small changes we make to our daily routines that enable the big changes in our lives and careers.

This tool helps you build a simple personal framework around which the rest of your day’s activities fall into place.

Use this attached tool to create a daily infrastructure so that no matter what happens you feel calm and assured that everything will work out in your favor.

It takes self-discipline to build daily habits.

I have always thought of others and put others first before my needs. That is the way I was raised and that is what society teach us. But what happened to me and I'm sure what happens to you, is I lost sight of my own needs, and this translated to serious burnout and unproductiveness.

I did not understand what was happening to me until someone else pointed it out. They told me I was not taking care of myself and if that doesn't change things in my life would get considerably worse.

I had to do some serious soul searching and start focusing on my needs. I had to find out what my needs actual were. What I learned is I could not fully help someone else be their best selves and accomplish their goals if I am not my best self. They would not be getting the full value of what I have to offer.

Once I took care of my needs, I was able to be "all in" with my clients to help them fulfill their needs.

Daily Success Habits Tool
Download PDF • 214KB


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